Five Unique Wedding Ideas for the Creative Couple

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Your wedding will be a once in a lifetime event! So, shouldn’t it be a unique wedding?

By presenting some uniqueness throughout your big day, you can let your guests experience a one of kind celebration.

Every wedding should be creative! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have comprised five unique wedding ideas that you could choose to present on your own wedding day. If you would like to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

Creative Cuisine

Everyone loves food! Therefore, you should let your guests experience some creative cuisine on your wedding day. To really amp up the fun in a delicious way, consider hiring a food truck to serve up some goodies. In addition, food bars, such as taco and baked potato bars, are unique ways to add some deliciousness to your big day.

Diverse Bridal Parties

Gone are the days where you must have a “Maid of Honor” or a “Best Man”! After all, who says a brides’ best friend must be a woman? So, forgo the titles, and have a “Man of Honor” if you please. It is your big day, and you can have whoever you would like to stand beside you. There are no “roles”!

More Than Just Cake

Not all of your wedding guests may like cake. So, let them indulge in some other delicious goodies by presenting a dessert bar! Candy, cookies, donuts, macaroons; the opportunities for deliciousness are truly endless. In addition, a dessert bar poses as the perfect wedding favor, as they can fill up goodie bags to take home with them.

An Alternative Toss

Traditionally, rice is tossed among the newlywed couple as they make their grand exit on their big day. However, know that you have the opportunity to showcase a festive alternative! For an evening wedding, let your guests illuminate your way with a sparkler send-off. Or, for a more elegant appeal, have them toss herbs among you, such as rosemary or lavender.

A Twist on the Guest Book

A book full of signatures is likely to get tossed into a closet and rarely viewed. Many couples today are electing to have a photo booth at the wedding for guests to take photos and document their presence at the wedding. Another lovely option would be to showcase a canvas with a picture, where your guests can then ink their thumbprints among it to appear as leaves, presenting you with a beautiful piece of art which you can then display in your home. We even once had a couple commission artists to create a paint by number piece: the guests painted sections and at the end, the couple had a piece of art for their home, painted by each of their wedding guests.

Your wedding day deserves to be unique! These are just a few of the many creative ways in which you can create yours to be.

With that being said, if you are ready to create your own unique big day wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts, please get in touch with us here at Contagious Events. As a Boston wedding planner, we would be pleased with the opportunity to develop your one of a kind celebration.

Photo from Michael & Jerel’s Wedding, by Julia Cumes Photography

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