Do you know how to deliver the best wedding speech?

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Friends and family have gathered to celebrate your loved one’s big day, and along with you, they are there to support the couple as they begin their new life together. Offering friendly advice, encouraging words and celebrating your loved one’s nuptials, you will all enjoy a day full of love, friendship, commitment and festivities, and one aspect of the wedding that really adds to the excitement is the speeches!

Before the newlyweds head off to their romantic honeymoon, there will be a part of the wedding reception set aside for the heartfelt toasts. As a close friend or family member to the newlyweds, whether you are serving as the Best Man, Maid of Honor or a parent of the Bride or Groom, you will most likely need to prepare a speech.

Writing a speech that is not too long, too sappy or too impersonal may be a bit challenging, especially if the dreaded writer’s block hovers over you. Luckily, the Contagious Events team has a few tips for you, to help you impress the crowd with a great wedding speech! Be sure to continue reading for some assistance:

Plan ahead. Words may come easily to you in any form of conversation, but deciding to create a speech as you go, is not recommended. There is an enormous amount of pressure that falls upon you to make a memorable speech, and your quick wit may abandon you faster than you would like as you stand in front of a crowd of your loved one’s closest friends and family. So, take the time to write out a speech, a little more time to edit it, just in case there are a few final touches you can add that will send your speech over the top, and do not get caught on stage, frozen, without a single word to say.
Humor. You may or may not be a natural comedian, but everyone has a funny streak, no matter how hard it is for them to reach it. You can create a great wedding speech by using humor to keep the audience entertained, leaving everyone with a happy glow. It is important to play to the audience when crafting the humor in your speech: remember there could be children and/or elderly guests in the crowd who would not be so keen on crude or raunchy humor. Also keep in mind that not everyone in the crowd will understand the inside jokes you may have with the couple. Create your speech to be appropriate for all ages and all senses of humor, and provide some background information if necessary – set the scene!

Stick to the point. As a close friend or family member to the newlyweds, it is now your job to stand and give the best speech you can. You are responsible for gushing about the newlyweds and their everlasting love, and how they are the best couple you have ever seen, and they are meant to be together. Although relationships take a fair amount of work, it is best that you do not mention rough patches in the relationship or any inappropriate memories that could cause anger or sad emotions to arise. Stick to the point about the positive moments that the couple has shared, the great memories, and wish them nothing but the best.

If you want to leave the wedding audience with a happy smile and a pleasant laugh, make sure that you prepare your speech ahead of time, and express nothing but happy moments. Here at Contagious Events, wedding planning is our specialty, and bringing a sense of uniqueness and personalization to your big day is our goal, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your Massachusetts wedding.

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