How to Have a Destination Wedding Without the Destination

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Destination weddings have become wildly popular — and with good reason. What’s not to love about traveling to a far-away, exotic location with your significant other and a few close friends? You’ll gather on the beach to say your vows, then dance the night away amidst gorgeous tropical flowers after dining on delectable local cuisine. Realistically though, most of us don’t have the funds to finance such a grandiose endeavor. Thankfully, it is possible to experience the ambiance of a tropical destination wedding without the expense or travel.

Find a Body of Water

How to Have a Destination Wedding Without the Destination

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There are many beaches across the United States, both by the ocean and lakeside. If you live close to one, you have the perfect spot for your ‘tropical’ wedding. Just beg, borrow, or rent an array exotic plants and choose a date when the weather will be warm. If there is no beach close by, even a backyard with an outdoor pool can be transformed into a tropical paradise with the right props and help from your friends.

Tropical Wedding Attire

Depending on your tastes, you can go with formal attire for the wedding party or opt for a more casual look. Beach clothing doesn’t have to be cheesy or slouchy, though — beach wedding attire can actually be quite handsome! Shorts and even grass skirts are not out of the realm of possibility with the right planning.

Decor To Set The Mood

Picture this: an arched trellis covered with tropical flowers, the aisle lined with matchet bouquets, the perimeter marked by palm trees. White tables with seashells, palm fronds, and sand filled vases as centerpieces. Mark guests’ seats with coral place card holders. And don’t forget the edibles — tropical fruit can also be used to decorate the tables, along with other salt water taffy and mints in tropical colors.

Wedding Favors

Tiny paper fans in bright tropical colors are perfect as favors for guests, as well as ones made of silk. Small mesh bags filled with shells bring a bit of the beach to the table and make a lovely gift for guests to take home. But the favors themselves don’t always have to be tropical — tiny woven baskets marked with artificial flowers like plumeria or orchid can hold anything you’d like, but the look is unforgettable.

Music Of The Tropics

Nothing adds a touch of magic to a wedding quite like just the right music. Whether it’s Caribbean rhythms, Mediterranean guitar, or waves crashing on surf that speak to your tropical soul, there’s an array of tropical tunes to choose from on YouTube. So go with your favorites and let them transport you and your guests to the tropics.

Instead of spending a fortune to get married in the tropics, bring the sand and surf to where you are. The money you save will go a long way toward helping you reach the most important destination ever — your new life as a married couple. Not sure where to start? Talk to our creative wedding planners today!

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