Choose a Wedding Style that Matches your Personality

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The overall environment of your wedding day will be determined by the style you choose. Every couple is unique, and has a style all their own, so it should certainly be represented beautifully throughout both the wedding ceremony and reception.

From the color palette you choose to the flowers within your centerpieces, each element has its own look that will be determined by your overall theme. When deciding your wedding aesthetic, be aware of some top style options that reflect certain personalities. Be sure to read on for some helpful inspiration:

  • Modern elegance. Are you slightly unconventional but like to stay within the lines? Then you may be a modern couple. Fashion-forward and trend-setting are perfect ways to describe this personality trait, full of class but heavy on the sass!
    • If you’ve been described as: trendy, chic, innovative, fashionable and/or contemporary, you most likely fit into this category.
  • Romantic at heart. Have you spent your lifetime dreaming of finding your person? Then you are probably a true romantic at heart. Now that you have found your partner in crime, you are most likely envisioning the perfect fairytale wedding to start your new beginning.
    • As a Romantic, words that best describe you are: sensitive, sentimental, extravagant, poetic and dreamy.
  • The classics. Classic couples have style full of distinction, quality and timelessness. If you find inspiration from Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, or James Dean and George Clooney, and your fashion sense is tasteful and traditional, you most certainly must have classic style.
    • People with classic style are often described as: elegant, sophisticated, polished, graceful and timeless.
  • Natural wonders. What could be more elegant than nature? If you are a little bit of a wild child, like to go with the flow and let the wind blow through your hair, you are most likely a natural couple. If you look to the earth and culture for inspiration and feel as one with nature, then surround your wedding with this positive energy!
    • As one who appreciates the natural beauty that surrounds us, words that best describe you are: enchanting, earthy, whimsical, eclectic and ethereal.

Don’t stress out if you and your partner do not have the same style! With a little creative thinking and strategic design, you can mix elements from different styles and create a wedding that is truly stunning. If you are beginning to plan your New England wedding and are struggling to put all of the pieces together, be sure to contact us here at Contagious Events. We understand every aspect of creating a unique and personalized wedding, one that will turn your Massachusetts big day into an event your guests will appreciate and surely remember.

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