COVID Weddings: Here are the Massachusetts Guidelines for Weddings in Massachusetts during COVID

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We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from couples asking about how the guidelines will affect their wedding. The truth is, because the guidelines are constantly changing based on a variety of factors, including the more we learn about the virus and the trends around how it is spread, it’s impossible for anyone to predict what the guidelines will be …

Our Favorite Wedding Postponement Announcements

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. We only share links to products and services that we have first-hand experience with and recommend to our planning clients. Suddenly it seems that sending two save the dates is the norm …

I Postponed My Wedding. Now What? Here’s Everything You Need to To Do After Postponing a Wedding.

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I’ll be completely transparent, 2020 was going to be a record year for us at Contagious Events. We had high hopes and plans of expansion within the year, only to be stopped in our tracks by COVID-19. Like much of the wedding industry, we too have had to navigate the postponement process with our clients. Everyone knows that planning a wedding is stressful, but 2020 couples: tip of the hat to you – this was not something you signed up for, and if you postponed, your to-do list likely grew overnight.

COVID-19 is the Guest None of Us Want at our Weddings.

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Trying to offer a somewhat lighthearted title on an otherwise very serious topic. Today, I’ve been fielding so many inquiries from reporters and clients alike asking all kinds of questions as it relates to COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus. Today, I want to transparently share with you some personal thoughts that I initially had typed out as an Instagram post …