there are Some pretty great things that are contagious, too.

like creativity, smiling, and generosity... all of which are believed to increase happiness.

you're invited to join our be contagious movement so we can spread positivity when the world needs it most.

We don't tell this story often enough: Contagious Events was named by a wedding guest at one of the first weddings we planned. At the time, same sex weddings were a little "taboo" to some, and were only legal in certain states. This particular guest had just witnessed his nephew marry his husband, and after the ceremony, he approached me.

Are you the wedding planner? he asked.

Yes, I am. How can I help? I answered.

I've got to tell you, my wife had to drag me here. I'm from Texas and you know, we don't deal with things like this down there. I didn't want to be here because I have my beliefs... 

I immediately felt this sensation of disappointment and dread fill my body. Disappointed that my bubble was about to pop and I was going to be forced to face the fact that not everyone was as accepting as I had chosen to believe, having lived in a liberal state my entire life. The guest continued,

...but I've got to tell you, that right there... that was something special. I get it now. I'm a believer. It's like... Contagious!

And so, Contagious Events got its name. I like to think it earned its name, if we're being honest.

Now, more than ever, it's important to encourage positivity.
thankfully, positivity is contagious.

That's why we're starting a be contagious movement, and enlisting your help!

here's where you come in: we want to send mini care packages to someone you care about, on your behalf. here's how it works:

First, choose one of the items from your care package to send to a friend or family member
(don't worry, we have extras - you get to keep yours!)

Next, complete the form so we know who to send it to.

Finally, be sure to add a personalized note at the end! We'll tuck it inside the box.

SMILES are Contagious.

We hope that these little air plants in crazy monster pots will bring a smile to your face. When the Contagious Events team was searching for items to include in these contagious care packages, we reached out to our friends at Flou(-ə)r - they knew exactly what we were looking for!

We hope your new plant pet brings a smile to your face!


Creativity is Contagious.

These cookies are just the perfect reminder to let you know that all of us at Contagious Events are thinking about you and so proud to have you as clients. We bet you've never seen a coloring activity quite like this!

Your diy-paint-cookie kit from Sweet Mazie's includes a totally edible paint palette and mini brush. Simply wet the brush and paint the airbrush coloring onto your cookie - it's all totally edible, and delicious!


Unfortunately, because of tightened restrictions and the nature of what's in the packages, we're only able to ship to U.S. addresses. If you'd like to send a package to someone abroad, please let us know and we'll work with you to find another item that we can safely ship :)

Other than that, there are no restrictions on who you can send a package to.