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5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

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Your wedding memories will be cherished throughout your life. From getting ready with your wedding party to sharing a dance with your new spouse, every moment within your wedding should be flawless. To create the perfect atmosphere for your big day, you will certainly need the right setting. Therefore, you will need to arm yourself with these tips for choosing a wedding venue!

Have you started searching for your wedding reception site yet?

We believe that the setting in which you create your memories should be incredible! 

Here are our top five tips for choosing a wedding venue: 

Don’t Procrastinate.
When you are searching for the best, are you going to wait around? Absolutely not! So, get a head start and snag the best venue before it is gone. Booking your venue should be one of the first tasks completed on your wedding to-do list, as no other wedding details can really be determined without knowing your space.

Room for All.
Have you considered your guest list when choosing your venue? If you want everyone on your guest list to fit comfortably in your venue, it’s important to search for a venue that can fit everyone. After all, a cramped wedding celebration certainly wouldn’t be ideal!

Consider Accommodations for Guests.
Your guests want to experience a wonderful wedding just as much as you do. You can choose a wedding venue with provisions that will cater to your guests, such as wheelchair ramps and handicap-accessible bathrooms, if necessary.

Setting the Mood. 
There is a mood that you envision with your wedding, whether it be romantic or lighthearted. Find a venue that will work with your mood, not against it. Each venue presents its own style, and that style should complement the wedding theme and color scheme that you choose to showcase.

Each venue will present its own amenities. Take a look around at local venues to discover the best deals available to you. From in-house catering to the providing of linens, you may be surprised as to what you can utilize for your own big day, which in return will aid your budget.

Now that you’ve read these tips for choosing a wedding venue, you can feel more comfortable and prepared as you scout the perfect space for your vows.  Here at Contagious Events, as a Boston, Massachusetts wedding planner, we are ready to assist you with creating all of your perfect wedding details. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book your wedding planner


Photo from Kyle + Kevin’s wedding by Benedicte Verley Photography

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  1. My sister is getting married next year and as the maid of honor, one of my main jobs is to help her find a wedding venue. You make a great point that the first thing I should think about is the guest list so that I can make sure everyone will fit comfortably and that the wedding won’t be cramped. Also, because my sister’s wedding theme is very traditional, I will make sure to tour potential venues and see if they have the traditional theme and mood my sister is looking for.

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  2. You mentioned that we should consider our guest list when choosing a venue. I can see how this would be a huge factor because you don’t want a venue too big or too small. I’ll let my sister know this. She just got engaged and is looking for a private venue to have her reception at.

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      Kate! Congratulations to your sister! Hopefully she’ll have luck finding the perfect venue for her day :)

  3. I like your suggestion to choose a venue that works with the mood we want and compliments the theme and colors we want to showcase. I recently got engaged and want to book a venue soon to make sure my options aren’t limited by availability. I wasn’t sure what qualities to look for as I start searching, so your tips about mood and theme will come in handy!

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      Hi Daphne! Yes, choosing a venue that already fits your mood is a great way to save money, since it won’t require enough décor and rentals to transform the space into what you would want it to be! Best of luck to you with your wedding, glad our post could help!

  4. I like your tip about how you should not procrastinate when searching for a wedding venue because no other details can really be determined until you have your venue. I just got engaged this month and am getting married next summer, and need to find my wedding venue as soon as possible but don’t know where to start. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when trying to find the perfect venue for my wedding.

  5. My cousin is planning on getting married in August and they are super busy planning for it. She wants the wedding to be at a really fancy place with a spa and have the perfect wedding. I’ll be sure to let her know that she should get a head start on reserving the venue so that it won’t be taken that day.

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      Hi, Jenna!

      Sounds like your sister is smart – a fancy location with a spa in August will definitely mean you’ll enjoy air conditioning, and likely that you won’t have to coordinate too much for hair and makeup – many hotels will let you book hair and makeup right in their spa, which is a huge convenience on the wedding day!

  6. I am glad you mention how important it is to make sure that there is room for everyone on your guest list to fit comfortably when choosing a venue. My fiancee and I have a lot of close friends and family. I think we should find a reception venue that we like, and that can help us get everyone there on our big day.

  7. Great Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue . I really appreciate your efforts put on this post. Thanks for sharing this…

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