Now that you are engaged, do not miss out on taking engagement photos!

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Congratulations, you are now engaged! The wedding planning fun has begun, but do not forget that the moment from when you shout “Yes!”, to the moment you say “I do,” is truly a short window of time. Be sure to document your engagement period through gorgeous photography.

Engagement photos are not only a way to preserve your memories of the wedding preparation time, but they can also be used within other aspects of your wedding planning as well. An engagement photo session is a great addition to complement this momentous time in your life, as no longer a girlfriend or boyfriend, and not yet a husband or wife.

When it comes to planning weddings, it is important to minimize the possibility of surprise. No one wants to deal with a complete shock on their wedding day! Planning is our passion here at Contagious Events, and we strive to provide helpful information to all of our Brides and Grooms-to-be, which is why we have gathered the top reasons as to why you should not miss out on taking engagement photos, so be sure to continue reading to gain some knowledge:

Choose a Wedding Style that Matches your Personality

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The overall environment of your wedding day will be determined by the style you choose. Every couple is unique, and has a style all their own, so it should certainly be represented beautifully throughout both the wedding ceremony and reception. From the color palette you choose to the flowers within your centerpieces, each element has its own look that will …

Do you have to follow the tradition of having the same number of people on each side of the wedding party?

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Couples today often look to traditions to assist them with their wedding planning. From ceremony rituals to a first dance, many ideas are implemented into the big day. Now though, couples are often wondering if proper wedding etiquette and traditions always need to be put into play. Today’s generation offers so much more leniency when it comes to incorporating etiquette …

Which Wedding Vendors Do You Feed?

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There was a little bit of drama last week when a very well known wedding industry blog published a post by a highly-regarded destination wedding planner who implied that couples shouldn’t feed their photographer. Immediately and instinctively, I looked at the calendar

“In-Season” Flowers for your Winter Wedding

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Even though my clients are Rock Stars, they don’t have an unlimited wedding budget. Very often I work alongside my clients to establish a wedding budget and create a game plan to maintain it and make sure the wedding doesn’t come with a price tag that breaks the bank. Something I’m noticing a lot of chatter about regarding staying on …

Our Favorite Wedding Ceremony Tradition

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Our favorite wedding ceremony tradition is one not many people have heard of, yet when we share it with our clients, it’s very well received. All around the world, across multiple faiths and cultures, wedding rings are believed to be the strongest and most visible sign of the bond between two people. Wedding bands symbolize a commitment to celebrating life …

5 Trends to Consider for your 2016 Wedding

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I remember as a kid, discovering my parents’ wedding album in the bookcase of our living room. When no one was watching, I would sneak the album out and flip through the pages, trying to imagine the time my parents were younger and not Mom and Dad. But I also remember flipping through the photos thinking how funny their wedding …