Five Wedding Traditions You Can Totally Skip

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The times, they are a changin'! Even if you consider yourself a traditionalist at heart, I'm willing to bet there are some wedding traditions you'd prefer to do without. I always find that my clients sometimes just need "permission" to do their wedding, their way. My opinion is as long as it's legal and doesn't hurt anyone; couples should be ...

Making the wedding affordable for the wedding party

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Let's be real: weddings are (usually) expensive. Expensive for the couple getting married, their families, and/or the members of the wedding party. Today I want to share an idea to help alleviate the financial woes of your wedding party, but suggesting a great concept that is gaining popularity in the industry: renting the wedding day attire - yes, although tuxedos ...

Are Thank You Notes Antiquated?

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In the digital age, it’s super simple to feel like taking the time to handwrite a thank you note to your guests may be a bit outdated. I’ve had people tell me it feels juvenile, reminding them of their childhood days when they wrote thank you notes to friends for attending their birthday party. So, as someone who has hosted …

Which Wedding Vendors Do You Feed?

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There was a little bit of drama last week when a very well known wedding industry blog published a post by a highly-regarded destination wedding planner who implied that couples shouldn’t feed their photographer. Immediately and instinctively, I looked at the calendar

“In-Season” Flowers for your Winter Wedding

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Even though my clients are Rock Stars, they don’t have an unlimited wedding budget. Very often I work alongside my clients to establish a wedding budget and create a game plan to maintain it and make sure the wedding doesn’t come with a price tag that breaks the bank. Something I’m noticing a lot of chatter about regarding staying on …

Our Favorite Wedding Ceremony Tradition

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Our favorite wedding ceremony tradition is one not many people have heard of, yet when we share it with our clients, it’s very well received. All around the world, across multiple faiths and cultures, wedding rings are believed to be the strongest and most visible sign of the bond between two people. Wedding bands symbolize a commitment to celebrating life …