Purple Escort Cards at Mount Washington Resort

What’s the Difference Between Place Cards and Escort Cards?

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As you plan your wedding, you’ll most definitely come across some wedding verbiage that may be unfamiliar to you. Like any industry, the wedding world has some terminology that isn’t always super clear.  For example, do you know the difference between place cards and escort cards?  Despite what a lot of people may think, place cards and escort cards are not …

Fun Wedding Fact Friday!

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You know the old saying “location is everything”? Well, here’s a story that proves there’s truth in the statement. Gretna Green, Scotland, became a popular destination purely because of where it is on a map. In the mid 1700’s, English law was updated and as a result, laws around marriage were tightened. The new laws stipulated that couples had to …

Mistakes You Can Expect Your Wedding Guests to Make

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The biggest lesson any wedding planner has to learn is that no matter how much you pour over the details, no wedding is going to go exact to the outline of the day. There’s a saying for that, “the best laid plans…” Of course our goal as your planner is to make sure everything goes well. Our primary focus is …

How to Have a Destination Wedding Without the Destination

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Destination weddings have become wildly popular — and with good reason. What’s not to love about traveling to a far-away, exotic location with your significant other and a few close friends? You’ll gather on the beach to say your vows, then dance the night away amidst gorgeous tropical flowers after dining on delectable local cuisine. Realistically though, most of us …

We wear wedding rings on the right hand because romans believed the vein ran directly from the finger to the heart.

Wedding Fun Fact!

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Pull up a chair, it’s time for a wedding ring history lesson:  First, the vena amoris is not a thing. It was to the romans/egyptians, but now that we have science, we know that the plain and simple truth is that there isn’t a vein that runs from the ring finger directly to the heart. See what I did there, …

Choosing Wedding Music

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Modern Decor Wedding Theme

Top Five Most Popular Trending Wedding Themes

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Choosing a wedding theme is a wonderful way to ensure that your wedding has a cohesive feel for your guests as they arrive. It can also make planning your wedding much easier! Having a theme to work with can help you make important wedding decisions, such as choosing a venue, décor, and even your attire. If you are interested in …

Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Wedding planning is likely a completely new experience for you, and although you probably know there are plenty of wedding planning mistakes you should avoid, perhaps you’re not quite sure what they are. Just as with any task, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the process. There are wedding planning musts and wedding planning don’ts. While there …

How to Stay Calm When Planning Your Wedding

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Let’s talk about what to do when wedding planning gets stressful, because let’s face it… even though it’s going to be the best day ever, planning is not an easy task. First, I want you take a deep breath. Your wedding is going to be beautiful. It’s going to be amazing, everyone is going to have a great time celebrating …

Wedding Fun Fact!

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Before we get into the history of this tradition, let me start with repeating what I often say in regards to wedding traditions: the origin is usually rooted in some ridiculous belief and sexist. Like how the brides were considered property. Thankfully times have changed, and yet for some reason, we feel obligated to keep these traditions… Today’s tradition is …