Modern Decor Wedding Theme

Top Five Most Popular Trending Wedding Themes

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Choosing a wedding theme is a wonderful way to ensure that your wedding has a cohesive feel for your guests as they arrive. It can also make planning your wedding much easier! Having a theme to work with can help you make important wedding decisions, such as choosing a venue, décor, and even your attire. If you are interested in …

Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Wedding planning is likely a completely new experience for you, and although you probably know there are plenty of wedding planning mistakes you should avoid, perhaps you’re not quite sure what they are. Just as with any task, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the process. There are wedding planning musts and wedding planning don’ts. While there …

How to Stay Calm When Planning Your Wedding

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Let’s talk about what to do when wedding planning gets stressful, because let’s face it… even though it’s going to be the best day ever, planning is not an easy task. First, I want you take a deep breath. Your wedding is going to be beautiful. It’s going to be amazing, everyone is going to have a great time celebrating …

Wedding Fun Fact!

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Before we get into the history of this tradition, let me start with repeating what I often say in regards to wedding traditions: the origin is usually rooted in some ridiculous belief and sexist. Like how the brides were considered property. Thankfully times have changed, and yet for some reason, we feel obligated to keep these traditions… Today’s tradition is …

History of the Diamond Ring

Wedding Fun Fact!

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The act of presenting an engagement ring to a future spouse is believed to be tied to a Roman tradition in which wives wore rings attached to small keys. But, this isn’t as romantic as it may seem: the keys indicated the husband’s ownership of the wife. After 1477, engagement rings became more personalized. The Victorians fashioned rings that were …

How to Do a Wedding Registry

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On your wedding day, you will receive words of wisdom, well wishes, and gifts that will allow you to begin your marriage with everything you need. You and your partner, surely, are hoping for specific gifts. After all, you both have your individual tastes, as well as your shared tastes. Could you imagine opening your wedding gifts and finding many …

Wedding Reception Venue: How to Choose

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The setting of your wedding reception is incredibly important! Each venue has the ability to contribute a special element to your celebration. For example, your wedding ceremony can be complemented with an intimate and romantic setting. Your wedding reception setting, however should create a celebratory atmosphere. On your big day, you and your loved ones will dance, eat delicious food, …

The origin of centerpieces comes from the 1700s, when servants served individual dishes to guests - creating more room on the table.

Wedding Fun Fact Friday!

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Wedding centerpieces were introduced to society in the 18th century, when servants began serving individual plated meals to guests. This eliminated the family-style meal, creating open space on the table for décor!  Although the entrée would no longer be in the center of the table, the first wedding centerpieces were still food-based. The display was almost always vertical in shape …

Unique First-Look Wedding Photography Trends

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Can you remember the moment that you and your partner first laid eyes on each other? Your partner likely showcased a unique look that communicated their delight to see you. This was an incredible moment for you both, and it can happen again on your wedding day. First-looks are a huge trend within weddings these days, and for good reason. …